Medes Srl

About us

MEDES SRL (Mediterranean Enviromental Services srl) was founded in 1996 by an idea of ​​Pietro Rocciola, a well-known general manager and his considerable experience accumulated since 1977 in the oil sector and in particular in the environmental reclamation sector, contributing to the research of chemical products more suitable for the containment of pollutants and above all for the study of the development and implementation of increasingly modern methods and technologies and always with less environmental impact.

To date, the seriousness and professionalism in the creation and management of its environmental services have made MEDES SRL a leading company in the Italian and global ecological scene.

Maximum customer satisfaction and awareness of the importance of environmental protection are the objectives of our work and the guiding principles of our company philosophy, as demonstrated by the company's certification, in particular the implementation of an internal quality system (ISO 9001: 2015 ).

A careful selection of a qualified and competent staff will be able to search for the most satisfactory solution that best meets your requirements, guaranteeing an excellent performance thanks to the use of the most modern technologies and the knowledge of the most efficient and ecological environmental protection techniques.

The use of certified quality materials is combined with a high degree of specialization in the execution technique, which allows the high quality standards of the results obtained with the need for cost-effectiveness and speed of implementation of the individual interventions.

Dynamic and flexible company, thanks to the well-established engineering study within the company, allows an extraordinary customization of the techniques to be implemented and a technical assistance on the choice of materials and chemical products of unique quality in the sector. Thanks to the technical preparation demonstrated, it stands out for its high professionalism and high competence, especially in the recovery of contaminated land.

MEDES SRL is currently an exclusive point of reference among companies operating in the environmental sector for prestige, reliability and quality of services.