Medes Srl

Construction and landfill management

MEDES SRL realizes and deals with the management of modern landfills for inert waste and landfills for non-hazardous waste designed, built and managed to minimize the environmental impact..

MEDES SRL provides design services for landfills for inert waste and landfills for non-hazardous waste , waste treatment and disposal facilities, energy and material recovery from waste. MEDES SRL is always focused on environmental protection and with the use of the most modern technologies is able to identify the best solution to minimize the environmental impacts related to the recovery and disposal of waste. MEDES SRL realizes landfills to effectively perform the task of limiting harmful emissions and not to become a source of pollution for the soil or the hydrosphere. It designs and realizes landfills according to all relevant legal regulations, built according to a geological barrier structure in order to isolate waste from the ground, respecting hygiene and biosphere standards, reusing the biogas produced as fuel for energy generation.

The landfill sites built by MEDES SRL are generally of the "underground storage" type, consisting of a bottom-up landfill as follows:

  • - a foundation ground and landfill site;

  • - a sealing barrier on the bottom and sides made of geomembranes to prevent leachate from escaping;

  • - a leachate drainage system;

  • - the storage of the waste in compacted layers;

  • - roofing between the layers;

  • - a biogas collection system;

  • - the final cover with plants

MEDES SRL for the management of the landfill carries out a constant control in all its phases of life, from implementation to management and after its closure. All the controls are carried out following a monitoring and control plan that provides for a series of parameters to be measured by means of equal sampling and analysis systems so that there is no discrepancy between the data. The monitoring is carried out on:

  • - groundwater;

  • - rainwater running through the landfill;

  • - leachate from deteriorating waste;

  • - gas emissions from the landfill and air quality in the vicinity of the landfill;

  • - landfills where waste containing asbestos is disposed of;

  • - meteoroclimatic parameters of the area where the landfill is located;

  • - morphology of the landfill..