Medes Srl

Treatment Of Drilling Muds And Oil Recovery


In our thermal desorption plants, a process that allows to reclaim soils in solid matrices (soils, muds, sediments) contaminated by vaporizable substances, usually of organic nature (Hydrocarbons, etc.) undergoes the solid matrix contaminated with a heating (direct or indirect) in order to cause the pollutant to migrate to the gaseous phase, which will then be subjected to suitable decontamination treatments and where possible to recover the raw material .- The treatment temperatures used are very variable, but generally between 90 and 650 ° C: under these conditions it is possible to have a partial decomposition (pyrolysis / oxidation) of the organic substance desorbed.


Our inerting drilling mud treatment plants exploit the stabilization / solidification process of hazardous contaminants within a solid, stable and stable matrix over time or chemical stabilization of heavy metals through transformation into less toxic compounds. The process, through the use of appropriate reagents, blocks contaminants even more dangerous and difficult to treat.